Want to send us a file to print?
Here's a list of the programs we're able to open files with:

• Quark® XPress 8.0
• Adobe Acrobat® 10 Pro
• Adobe InDesign® CS5.5
• Adobe Illustrator® CS5.5
• Adobe Photoshop® CS5.5
• Microsoft Word® 2008
• Microsoft Excel® 2008
• Microsoft Powerpoint® 2008

We currently operate on Mac OS® 10.8 but are capable of opening Windows files, assuming they are in the format of one of the programs listed above.

PLEASE REMEMBER, when sending over Quark® or InDesign® files, all pictures and fonts MUST be included. When sending over Illustrator® files, all fonts MUST be outlined. Also, be aware that Microsoft® Word is not a reliable page layout program between different versions and operating systems. The Word® document you send may not convert properly on our end, therefore, fonts and margins may change. To AVOID any problems, please save/export any questionable files to PDF format.

Files can be sent to: academyberlin@gmail.com


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